Help Desk, Terminal Maintenance, Management System Maintenance.

For the Station Manager

Do you manage a service station? Find out the services for you.

For the Network Manager

Direct management, ghost systems, data & analysis, easy management: pick the right solution for your network!


Self Service Terminal

smartOPT the most developed service area terminal. It can be managed and controlled from a smart phone.

Carwash Starter

smartWASH the intelligent starter features the most advanced payment methods.

POS Management

smartPOS is reliable, safe, intuitive, integrating the most advanced technologies... it is also cheap.




2016 Training Courses

By means of specific training courses, Fortech issues the Certification to operate on fuel distributing points of sale.


ESET case study

Massimo Banci (Fortech Commercial Manager) and Massimiliano Donati (Fortech IT Manager) explain how ESET solutions integrate with Fortech’s infrastructure and what benefits this brings to the entire network.


Fortech at UNITI Expo 2016

From 14th to 16th June, Fortech will be at UNITI Expo, the international trade fair taking place in Stuttgart which is dedicated to the world of service stations, fuel retailing, logistics and the self-service car wash sector.

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