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ESET case study

Massimo Banci (Fortech Commercial Manager) and Massimiliano Donati (Fortech IT Manager) explain how ESET solutions integrate with Fortech’s infrastructure and what benefits this brings to the entire network.

08 Jun 2016

Italian State Oil Giant ENI chooses Fortech for its 2016 calendar

Fortech è presente nel mese di settembre con l’immagine dello smartTOTEM, il terminale di piazzale installato su diversi impianti ENI.

25 Feb 2016

BCC chooses Fortech the Romagna Est Calendar

“Brave choices”. This is the key topic of the Romagna East Region 2016 interactive Calendar promoted by BCC.

25 Jan 2016

How remote control keeps clients closer

In its website, Avnet Embedded published a case study on Fortech called “How remote control keeps customers closer”…

20 Jan 2016

Biagi 2012 Award – Special acknowledgement to Fortech

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Marco Biagi’s death, Il Resto del Carlino devoted a “special section” to those companies that “were particularly active in generating positions for young candidates”.

05 May 2013

Fortech on the monthly magazine “La Piazza di Rimini”

Find below the article taken from the 5th April 2012 magazine issue.

07 Apr 2012