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Fortech was established in 2006 from the synergic collaboration of people with a large experience in the field of fuel distribution.

Fortech is a young enterprise, however it boasts many years of great experience.
Fortech started as a supplier of IT services (help desk and data centre collection) at Dresser Wayne. In a short period of time Fortech’s know how and reliability was endorsed by several renowned oil distributors, establishing solid partnerships with them.

Nowadays Fortech is the Italian leader in the supply of services for fuel distribution systems. It provides with customised and tailored solutions to meet its clients’ needs, either individual, network managers and large oil companies.

The efficiency of the Fortech Help Desk is able to solve 90% of the issues remotely allowing a reduction of costs and system blocks. Thanks to a qualified network of subcontractors and certified technicians, Fortech carries out on-site maintenance on the entire national network in a quick, high quality and effective way.

In addition, Fortech allows to monitor the business directly from your smart phone. Viewing remote data, sales checks, tank levels are some of the main features of data management and remote services.
From 2015 the company enters a new market (machinery and tools production for the automation of service stations) and introduces smartOPT, the innovating and remotely managed service area terminal.
This is the start of the smartSTATION era, the intelligent station.