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“Don’t call me coin box!”

smartWASH is most advanced carwash starter. It is capable of interacting with the client with no staff needed.

smartWASH detects the client through specific sensors, helps him/her with simple and accurate information and carries out its duty as a car-washer.

User Friendly

  • Touch Screen 12”
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Different access levels: User, Manager, Maintenance Technician
  • ATM oriented design
  • Customer Care always on
  • Presence detector
  • Remote Voice Support

Video, images and sounds...
smartWASH is multimedia!

The big screen and speakers allows images, videos and audio content to be spread.
With these tools you may also set up your own marketing campaigns and print out coupons directly from the terminal!

Remote control and management

Thanks to the cloud, SmartWASH can be controlled just with a smart phone, thus reducing maintenance costs, allows business continuity and the possibility to remotely manage the point of sale, regardless of where you are.

Innovating and at the forefront...
even payment methods

  • Notes from €5 to 100
  • Credit, debit cards
  • Loyalty Card (ENI, TOTAL, Q8, TOTALERG...)
  • NFC contactless
  • Mobile payment with Fortech owned app
  • QR code

Safety is important!


The accelerometer detects impacts and shocks, and triggers the alarm system or the money laundering system.


Anti-cut steel sheeted double safe (8mm) to protect the cash
Replacement of the external paper roll in the safe section
Anti-crash touch screen


SMS and email sending
Siren activation
Terminal audio system alarm unlock

You choose the design,
we customize it

smartWASH is customizable according to carwash specific needs: customizable interfaces featuring colours, logos and texts, 9 adjustable washing programmes, branded external graphics and stickers.

Technical Sheet

SCREEN 12” touch screen with anti-crash safety glass.
INGENICO DEVICES Contactless, pinpad, card reader.
ACCEPTED NOTES € 5, 10, 20 by default.
RECEIPT PRINTER Thermal printer pre-set to print bi-dimensional codes (QR codes and bar codes).
POWER SUPPLY BACK UNIT Featuring super capacitors instead of batteries, it supports frequent and repeated shutdowns. It controls the separate shutdown of peripheral devices (BUSINESS CONTINUITY).
THERMOSTATIC CARD Linked to the proprietary card, it allows the remote control and modification of the temperature.
LIGHT AUDIO MOTION PRESENCE The card controls lighting, audio, detects movements and presences and checks the LED lighting system through an astronomical clock.
SAFE 8 mm anti-cut steel sheet double safe.
DESIGN Upper and lower fireproof polyurethane cover.

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