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Managing your systems has never so easy!
You can easily manage your systems either from a PC or smart phone, as well as monitor your data, sales, stock. Help Desk is always at your side in case of need. Online POS is available to reduce card transaction waiting time to just 4 seconds and remove any extra phone charges. Can’t get easier than that!


Your business under control: data collection, analysis, removal...
If you need to remotely manage your system data, send them to internal management systems and check the performance of the entire network, then DATA & ANALYSIS is the perfect solution for you: sold fuel amounts, tank levels, edit fuel prices, business intelligence...


The perfect solution for systems with no on-site monitoring
With GHOST SYSTEMS you can remotely control the entire system, receive notifications in case of faults or failures on self, if any pending bank transactions occur, as well as check management data, access the videosurveillance system or change the fuel prices from any PC.
With GHOST SYSTEMS it will be like physically being on-site.


All the network accounting in your hands!
With DIRECT MANAGEMENT you have full control on your systems. Data collection, rectifying accounting flows through managers’ validation, semi-automatic population of the UTF registers, business intelligence, tank level stock...

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